[ESP8266] CAN library for Arduino

Recently I needed a CAN <-> WiFi router at work. As I didn’t want to use a several thousand euro hardware that sucks a few amps at 12V, I decided to implement that using the ESP8266 and a CAN transceiver. Well, it works quite stable, just a few things here and there. E.g. I cannot […]

[UM2] Laser Addon – Part 2

As previously described, I made a simple adapter to mount a 405nm blue laser diode to expose PCBs. There are for sure other methods that seem simpler, like separating the laser toner from a print or printing on transparent film, but our goal was to make it a “just press start” method using things we […]

[UM2] Laser Addon

I am currently thinking about adding a laser to our Ultimaker 2 at work. Primary use case would be exposing PCBs to etch them on our own. For this task we need some UV laser on the printhead. Well the chinese sellers on aliexpress.com sell them for less than 2€ including P&P, why not use […]

[ESP8266] Xmas tree lights

  This year I improved my christmas tree LED lights from last year (https://plus.google.com/106975890398198714969/posts/EaUEFXzoxED) I removed the Infineon MCU (XMC1100) which already was at it’s limits and replaced it with an ESP8266. So i put the cool and versatile WiFi enabled MCU under my xmas tree, featuring an ugly, crude web interface using ESP8266WebServer (i […]

[blog] revived again

Its holiday time and i thought it’s time to revive this old blog and update some stuff. Let’s see how far this intent will come ;)

[GSM] Source code of RX-FFT and GSM-Analyzer

Long time ago I coded tools to capture, demodulate, decode and decrypt data from an Software Defined Radio (SDR). As i dont see any reason to keep it private, i decided to release the source code. I mainly used a device that is comparable to the USRP, but designed by a friend of mine. Still […]

[EOS] TimerGen Tool

Since last year I helped a little developing Magic Lantern, a Firmware mod for Canon EOS DSLRs. I reverse engineered some interesting registers and memory structures that make frame rate patching possible. (yeah, as always I couldn’t resist reverse engineering the next device I bought :) ) Now I’ve coded a little tool that makes […]

[GSM] Kraken-win32

I added Kraken-win32 to my projects page. There you can read more about my kraken port.


I added a new project – my WebDAVServer for mobile phones. It was designed to be a small and simple WebDAV server for downloading files from your PC with your mobile phone. See the project page.

[GSM] Kraken

currently i am porting Kraken, the fantastic A5/1 cipher cracker to win32/x64. it seems that i am done with most of the steps. it starts, cracks the keys, supports ATI cards as the linux version does and is even able to run as a multi-client server application. i also added support for older cards like […]