[ESP8266] Xmas tree lights

  This year I improved my christmas tree LED lights from last year (https://plus.google.com/106975890398198714969/posts/EaUEFXzoxED) I removed the Infineon MCU (XMC1100) which already was at it’s limits and replaced it with an ESP8266. So i put the cool and versatile WiFi enabled MCU under my xmas tree, featuring an ugly, crude web interface using ESP8266WebServer (i […]

[blog] revived again

Its holiday time and i thought it’s time to revive this old blog and update some stuff. Let’s see how far this intent will come ;)

[GSM] Source code of RX-FFT and GSM-Analyzer

Long time ago I coded tools to capture, demodulate, decode and decrypt data from an Software Defined Radio (SDR). As i dont see any reason to keep it private, i decided to release the source code. I mainly used a device that is comparable to the USRP, but designed by a friend of mine. Still […]

[EOS] TimerGen Tool

Since last year I helped a little developing Magic Lantern, a Firmware mod for Canon EOS DSLRs. I reverse engineered some interesting registers and memory structures that make frame rate patching possible. (yeah, as always I couldn’t resist reverse engineering the next device I bought :) ) Now I’ve coded a little tool that makes […]

[GSM] Kraken-win32

I added Kraken-win32 to my projects page. There you can read more about my kraken port.


I added a new project – my WebDAVServer for mobile phones. It was designed to be a small and simple WebDAV server for downloading files from your PC with your mobile phone. See the project page.

[GSM] Kraken

currently i am porting Kraken, the fantastic A5/1 cipher cracker to win32/x64. it seems that i am done with most of the steps. it starts, cracks the keys, supports ATI cards as the linux version does and is even able to run as a multi-client server application. i also added support for older cards like […]

strange date

i just realized that the date of all posts is set to 2007.. interesting bug :)

[ARMada] bugfix release

I fixed the totally crappy and hackish BL calculation routine. Now it should work fine for all types of jumps forward and backward. No idea why i never realized its bugs (?)

[ARMada] small updates

there are small updates to ARMada. let me cite the SVN log: Revision: 3585 Author: geggo Date: 19:55:28, Mittwoch, 19. August 2009 Message: fixed parameter limit check for ADD SP, val operation —- Modified : /trunk/nokia/ARMada/compiler.c Revision: 3579 Author: geggo Date: 19:29:51, Mittwoch, 19. August 2009 Message: fixed ADDSP, ADDPC, SUBPC descriptions to match new […]