[CEntrilo] v3.0 looks possible


yeah, good news for you ;)
Although Luigi Auriemma said, he wont touch Ventrilo v3.0, he did it and released some code to authenticate with the servers. For you that means, there will perhaps be a CEntrilo v3.0 soon.
Thanks, mate!

But there are other (serious) things i have to do:
That CEntrilo code is ugly as hell! damn. its so ugly i really dont want to put that code on my page. Its grown from a small UDP proxy, to a Ventrilo Decoder, then a Ventrilo Bot, later an ISDN Gateway and finally a client for PDA’s.
You know what i mean? The whole code design doesnt fit. Totally mixed up absolutely different coding styles, different approaches and finally even mixing classless code with classes. There’s also no distinguishing regarding MVC or some layer separation. nada.

Why i tell that?
Some weeks ago i received a question if i dont want to GPL CEntrilo and let others help with development.
To be honest – CEntrilo is already GPL’ed. There were some persons (3? 4?) who asked for the source and of course i sent it. (you remember GPL? it doesnt prohibit sharing just binaries – it says you must give out the sourcecode if one asks for it)
Uh yes, i didnt add any license dialog – sorry for that – its my fault, but MDA’s dont have too much place for that button :)

So yes, its GPL’ed but no, i dont want to put the source on my page.
People who ask for the src, will of course get it.

But ok, i think i’ll merge the V3.0 code into my source and update the protocol code also (which is the most time consuming)

now i will read through aluigi’s code – i’ll post some news if something happened :]

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