[CEntrilo] updates

yeah okay.
i released the latest version of the CEntrilo binaries for QVGA, VGA and MDA/XDA devices.
please test them – i just simulated them in the emulator.
you should see improved connection handling and better sound recording.
please report when you still see hangups after some time.

a guy asked me to fix all the problems and promised me $100 for doing that quickly.
but guess what…. even 6 weeks after he said everything is perfect, he still didnt send
anything.. until now i havent heard anything from him :-S

thats life.

so if you find it useful, even just $5 or 5€ will make me happy since it shows that you honour my work.
if you want to contribute money, please send it to the paypal account “geggo <at> g3gg0.de”.

thanks :)

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