[CEntrilo] updates

yeah okay.
i released the latest version of the CEntrilo binaries for QVGA, VGA and MDA/XDA devices.
please test them – i just simulated them in the emulator.
you should see improved connection handling and better sound recording.
please report when you still see hangups after some time.

a guy asked me to fix all the problems and promised me $100 for doing that quickly.
but guess what…. even 6 weeks after he said everything is perfect, he still didnt send
anything.. until now i havent heard anything from him :-S

thats life.

so if you find it useful, even just $5 or 5€ will make me happy since it shows that you honour my work.
if you want to contribute money, please send it to the paypal account “geggo <at> g3gg0.de”.

thanks :)

16 Responses to “[CEntrilo] updates”

  1. joshpowers Says:

    Fantastic, Looking forward to trying it on my Mogul tonight. Your are the man.

  2. joshpowers Says:

    Fantastic. Looking forward to testing this on my mogul tonight when I get home. You rock!

  3. iDV8 Says:

    G”GG0 : with you European experiences, can you give some help at these guys ? they are stuck !

  4. steve Says:


    We are working on a gsm scanner at http://wiki.thc.org/gsm and are looking for the old MADos source and if we can use it for our purposes.

    Does anyone still have contact with the developers? The links and CVS seems to be dead. Please contact steve [at] segfault dot net.



  5. Mrono Says:

    Is there a way to get this working on Windows Mobile 5/6? I tried what’s posted but no luck. I’d gladly be a beta tester for this.

  6. elder_soul Says:

    I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!! I use it constantly, or used it rather. It seems ventrilo has updated yet again to v 3.0 and this client is no longer able to connect. Would it be possible to change the code so the new version will allow it to connect? I will love you forever. With my mouth.

  7. NickL Says:

    Hello g3ggo! CEntrilo is great but unfortunately it doesn’t work with the latest version of ventrilo.
    Is there any chance to have a look at it?

  8. jdsindie Says:

    Hi g3ggo,
    I would like to plead with you also to please please please update the code for centrilo. I love this program so much and feel empty without it now. Thanks for all your work.

  9. Ventrilo For Windows Mobile 6 - PDAPhoneHome.com Says:

    […] the old server on your comp and centrilo on your i760. More importantly you should visit his site here and ask him to update it. I feel sad without it __________________ Feathered Access – Free Live […]

  10. geggo Says:

    well, maybe i will have a look at the new ventrilo version somewhen.
    but there is still much other stuff to do. :)

  11. elder_soul Says:

    That would make my year friend. You have no idea. I have been checking this site every single day in the hopes that you would continue your great work. Thank you for the effort.

  12. dreshmaker Says:

    yes plz update centrilo :’-(

  13. joshpowers Says:

    yes please geggo, update this to work with the ventrilo 3.0 servers. This is a fantastic peice of software and with the mogul, touch, and soon diamond coming out from htc there are a lot more ppc users that have data connections that would love to be able to use ventrilo from their phones.

  14. Praetorian Says:

    I would be more then happy to donate some money as well to get this app working again.

  15. Vidboy Says:

    Please Please update to work with the latest vent servers

  16. usapetersen Says:

    When i first heard about this program i was so excited to try it out. Unfortunately, vent had already updated the servers to 3.0 and the program was unable to connect. I would love to see this program in action. You would be my hero if you updated it. Please consider it.
    Thank you,

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