[.NETrilo] another test release

i was so anxious to make .NETrilo usable so i spent another day implementing stuff.

today i implemented a DirectSound plugin (“snd_DirectX.dll”) that supports just playback for now. recording still has to be done, but that has to wait until i start the “input” stuff. (i.e. “inp_DirectX.dll”)

i also implemented GSM decoding. i used a version of the GSM codec that was ported to java and ported that to C#…
it performs very well… but the processor usages unbelieveable high :-/ (10 times more than the native client)

not sure, but i should make extra modules for the codecs. so i’m able to use different licenses for each module and we are able to use faster native libs for the standard platforms (win32/linux) and .NET versions of the codecs for others.

someone wants to help? :-/

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