[GSM] New FFT Visualizer Component

This time I built a new FFT Visualizer Component.
It’s a split “FFT Plot”+”Waterfall” view, which has the “FFT Plot” in the top and the waterfall in the bottom half.

In the video (watch fullscreen in HD mode) you cannot see the dB markers very clearly.
These are on the left and the right border of the “FFT Plot” (top part) and labelled in 50dB steps.

The “Waterfall” has a configurable upper and lower dB limit (changed with mouse wheel, see lower left corner).
Values above the upper limit are drawn cyan, those with a dB value lower than the lower limit are drawn black.
The values between are colored with a color between.

Here a video of that component:

One Response to “[GSM] New FFT Visualizer Component”

  1. BlinK_ Says:

    Hi g3gg0,

    nice to see you still working in very interesting areas.

    GSM standart is very old. And it is hard to change it since it is everywhere. One security expert mentioned that it has been cracked many times. But I guess not publicly. I think what he meant was all security algorithms are old and vulnerable to one or other attack.

    Keep up the good work. As long as it gives you joy. (:

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