WebDAVServer is a small and simple server for sharing directories via WebDAV.
It is designed to work with Nokia N8, but may work with other phones aswell.


Simply start the tool (Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 required) and it will serve a simple WebDAV service on port 8081 (configurable).

You can customize the path, port and even set username and password that the client must provide for accessing your share.
Syntax for the Auth field: user1:pass1,user2:pass2,….

If you run the WebDAVServer in normal mode (not installed as Windows Service) you have a small log window with a progress bar in the top right corner.
Closing the window will minimize the server into systray. Just click the WebDAVServer icon in systray to show the window again.

Running WebDAVServer as Windows Service:

You can install the tool as a Windows Service which will automatically start on system boot.
To do this, first start the tool as Administrator (rightclick -> Run as Administrator).
First set up all options like Path, Port and Auth – dont forget to press the “Write” button to save a default config.
Now you have written a default config that is always loaded whenever the server starts (both as service and as normal app)
To install the service, simply press “Install”.

If this was successful, the “Install” button goes inactive and the “Uninstall” button activates.
The buttons “Start” and “Stop” are for starting and stopping the service.

Since the service has no GUI, sometimes it makes sense to stop the service and use the normal mode instead.

Web Browser Access:

You can access the server with your web browser and browse the contents of your share as the phone would see it.
There are some debug and log views too. If authentication is required (username/pass) the log/debug view is crippled to prevent abuse.



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