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strange date

i just realized that the date of all posts is set to 2007.. interesting bug :)

[ARMada] bugfix release

I fixed the totally crappy and hackish BL calculation routine. Now it should work fine for all types of jumps forward and backward. No idea why i never realized its bugs (?)

[ARMada] small updates

there are small updates to ARMada. let me cite the SVN log: Revision: 3585 Author: geggo Date: 19:55:28, Mittwoch, 19. August 2009 Message: fixed parameter limit check for ADD SP, val operation —- Modified : /trunk/nokia/ARMada/compiler.c Revision: 3579 Author: geggo Date: 19:29:51, Mittwoch, 19. August 2009 Message: fixed ADDSP, ADDPC, SUBPC descriptions to match new […]

[GSM] New FFT Visualizer Component

This time I built a new FFT Visualizer Component. It’s a split “FFT Plot”+”Waterfall” view, which has the “FFT Plot” in the top and the waterfall in the bottom half. In the video (watch fullscreen in HD mode) you cannot see the dB markers very clearly. These are on the left and the right border […]

[GSM] SDCCH listening

The GSM Analyzer now is able to sniff SDCCH and SACCH channels too. What we can see there? Well, not much. Just the usual “who are you?” stuff followed by a CIPHER COMMAND. After that, all the traffic is encrypted using specified cipher. I uploaded a dump here, a short video is here ;)

[GSM] Code updates

On the videos you’ve maybe seen that my tool shows the bursts in some plot window. I used GDI for drawing the lines… damn this is soooo slooow… Today i decided to switch to DirectX drawing for speedup. Ater some hours of playing around, I found out how to draw a plot easily. (using DrawUserPrimitives […]

[GSM] GSM Analyzer

As described in earlier blog posts, I coded a driver for an USB radio receiver which is comparable to USRP. So I’m able to “record” radio data and save it, or process it on-the-fly with some tools. GSM Analyzer is a C# tool that demodulates and decodes the GMSK signal which GSM uses. Furthermore it […]

[.NETrilo] another test release

i was so anxious to make .NETrilo usable so i spent another day implementing stuff. today i implemented a DirectSound plugin (“snd_DirectX.dll”) that supports just playback for now. recording still has to be done, but that has to wait until i start the “input” stuff. (i.e. “inp_DirectX.dll”) i also implemented GSM decoding. i used a […]

[.NETrilo] first preview

here is an very early alpha of .NETrilo. its just for connecting to v2.3 servers, browsing channels and seeing what other users do :) should work on linux/win32 (just tested win32 yet) please reply, if it works for you :)

[CEntrilo] public SVN access

hi, since i dont find some spare time to update CEntrilo, i made the SVN public. username: centrilo password: behave! simply get the source, look how it works and create a new, CLEAN tool from it. would be really cool if you can keep the core platform independent. i also somewhen tried to make […]

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