[.NETrilo] Whats going on?

not much! :)

currently i’m working on my diploma thesis.
thats something related to the “USB-RX”-project i wrote before.

but sometimes i need to relax. and what do i do when i’m relaxing?
yeah… programming some unnecessary stuff :)

this time i started .NETrilo, a ventrilo client based on microsoft .NET – i really love .NET, did i tell ya?
at least i love C# – its like C, just much more comfortable. unlike C++ it has a much cleaner design.
as you know CEntrilo was just a dirty hack… really ugly code hacked together. ugh…

so i started .NETrilo as a multi-protocol ventrio client using plugins.
each ventrilo protocol (or maybe others?) is loaded as a seperate DLL – v2.3 is the first i’m doing now (“prot_Vent23.dll”).
also the GUI will be based on plugins. you can load “ui_Forms.dll” and/or “ui_WPF.dll”, maybe also “ui_GTK.dll” etc.

why plugins?

well, i’m not sure for whom this client is interesting, so i decided to place all the platform/protocol dependent things in loadable plugins:

  • is it the normal Win32 user who just wants some nifty feature .NETrilo will get?
    maybe the LUA support i want to implement for user functions?
    or the possibility to connect to different ventrilo server versions in parallel with just one client?
    or is it just the feeling to use a plugin-customizable client..?
  • or is it the Linux/OS X/*.unix gaming user who wants to use a *cough* little bit more native client?
    a client that supports PTT using a native plugin named “inp_X11.dll”?
    or uses a native GUI using “ui_GTK.dll”?
  • perhaps it will be the average Windows Mobile 5/6/7 user who just wants to have a better client :)
  • (dreaming now…) or some symbian-freak who has the latest .NET environment installed and also wants to speak with his ventrilo-friends…


ok, the last two are really some “maybe-it-works” points. really have no clue if i can get the code efficient enough to run on a symbian phone…
or if i can manage to decode the GSM packets somehow on this platform.
but i’m trying to push .NETrilo into this direction.
at least i want not to sit in front of my computer saying “idiot, why didn’t you….” when trying to port it to symbian/WinCE.

anyone an idea where to get a C# implementation of the GSM algo? don’t want to port that ugly C code to C# :(
or does anyone know how to get and interface a GSM codec on symbian phones using .NET?

now you ask what currently works?

hmmm not much :)

  • i can connect to ventrilo v2.3 servers using username/password
  • receive the list of users and channels
  • have some kind of GUI that looks like ventrilo but just has a functional “Connect” button
  • not more yet :)

the next steps are really no big problems – just writing some boring GUI code…
…and some porting of CEntrilo code to cleaner C# code.

when will it work?

no idea, really :)
i will update you if there are some news.
but first i have to finish my diploma thesis :-/

[usb_rx] Current Project

i didnt post much lately.
this is because im working on a little project for a Cypress CY7C68013A. thats a USB2.0 chip with a 8051 microcontroller for setup and firmware.

really an interesting project :)
won’t tell you exactly what its for, but its used to stream RF radio data with speeds up to 32MB/s to a Win32 program used for recoring and decoding etc.

i’m using Microsoft Visual C++ together with SDCC (Small Devices C Compiler) to compile the firmware for the Cypress chip. the used Win32 driver is the standard Cypress driver for those chips, but interfaced with a DLL i wrote.

i’m using shared memory for distributing data to one or more applications which may preprocess the data stream they get. they redistribute it again over shared memory areas. made also TCP Client/Server tools so that whole thing works via network too.

that project looks quite mature now.
at least everything is working as intended ;)

USB Receiver