[usb_rx] Current Project

i didnt post much lately.
this is because im working on a little project for a Cypress CY7C68013A. thats a USB2.0 chip with a 8051 microcontroller for setup and firmware.

really an interesting project :)
won’t tell you exactly what its for, but its used to stream RF radio data with speeds up to 32MB/s to a Win32 program used for recoring and decoding etc.

i’m using Microsoft Visual C++ together with SDCC (Small Devices C Compiler) to compile the firmware for the Cypress chip. the used Win32 driver is the standard Cypress driver for those chips, but interfaced with a DLL i wrote.

i’m using shared memory for distributing data to one or more applications which may preprocess the data stream they get. they redistribute it again over shared memory areas. made also TCP Client/Server tools so that whole thing works via network too.

that project looks quite mature now.
at least everything is working as intended ;)

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  1. SoftwareDefinesRadio Says:



    This looks extremely interesting.

    Are you going to be releasing the specifications of the hardware?

    Please contact me with more details :) ASAP!!!


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