Thanks to

People supporting me:

Oz ;)

stayed true to his words, and sent ma a brandnew N93 and even a N95 also.
thanks mate, you’re a honourable guy! from

some 5110/6110 boards and a good 7110 for low price

DonaldDuck69 from

a CD with PDF datasheets for free

John from Unique-SW:

“Applied Cryptography”
a very good book about cryptoalgorithms for free
and a TWISTER Flasher! :)
thanx mate!

some handy spare parts for free, thanks guys!
not to forget, its the sponsor of, the german GSM-forum


always betatesting my tools and writing many code
snippets for g3n0lite and ARMada. he continued that
when we started to write MADos and also TriX.
a very good coder :)


he sent me a 3510 for my DCT4 reversing work together with 10 PIC’s 12C50x :)
he said to send a flasher too :D


thanks to him i got a 6230 (TIKU) for further experiments for just some bucks ;)


thank you very much mate for that NEW 6610 with an extra cover!! :))
hacking goes on ;)

In case you want to support me:

i have a PayPal account named

if you think you can support me that way or just say THANKS,
just transfer some 5€ to this account

of course i will mention you here ;)

thanks to:
– UniquePhones
– yomanda