TriX is a fast, flexible, universal patching system in development state, but already usable (for Nokia/Sony Ericsson patching) and very powerful.

Key Features:

  • Qt GUI or console-only version
  • integrated C++ interpreter for scripts (Seer)
  • ELF parser
  • BZip2 de- and compression (on-the-fly)
  • DCT4 de- and encrypter (on-the-fly)
  • DCT4 partial flash generating
  • BABE (Sony Ericsson) flash file parser (by bartek)
  • patch C files directly into your file (compile, parse & link)
  • Nokia Phones (DCT3/4), Sony Ericsson and generic ARM patching
  • Execute remote scripts (via http)
  • Load remote plugins (via http)
  • remote control via telnet plugin
  • signing/encryption of scripts and plugins (RSA/AES)

See the Wiki hosted on krisha’s page:

Download the last release: TriX v0.8 (full package) (will soon get updated to v0.9)

Here some screenshots of old versions:

Main Screen

There you see some script loaded into the editor:

Script loaded

The flexible options screen currently showing options of the core modules:

Options dialog

The Workspace inspector showing the loaded file(s), its stages and segments:

Workspace inspector