MADos is a free, open-source operating system for nokia DCT-3 phones.
Its main purpose is for testing around with phones like 3310, 3330 and 8210.
This project already got very big and is able to provide UI and other basic IO functionality. There are already different applications like DCT-4 unlock keygen or some nice games :)
This project was started by me, supported by

  • wumpus’ research page (
  • krisha, who supported me all the time with code, tools and many IO routines
  • M457 some nlib -> MADos merging stuff
  • chief359 some UI routines
  • and many others who helped…. :)

see -> Software -> MADos for more info
here is a ChangeLog and here the latest MADos CVS snapshot (daily) and here the CVS Statistics