BetaPump is the control software for the PUMP, a selfmade hardware MP3-decoder shown in c’t somewhen in ’99 (i think june and july).
it features many linux-specific features like networking, mounting filesystems on e.g. USB sticks and so on

this software originally was named “pump” and was designed for DOS.
i collected all the features from other pump projects and merged the cool features like ID3 tag reading, scolling text, big font digits or scrollbars into my “betapump”.

somewhen i got fed up with DOS and wanted to merge it into linux.
the first release of betapump was still accessing the PUMP hardware directly via IO access. that changed soon when i rewrote a kernel module (for 2.4.9 i think) based on someone others pump kernelmodule.

LinPump, the kernel module was born
from now on betapump accepssed the PUMP via /dev/mp3 and /dev/lcd….
/dev/lcd also handles direct PUMP register writes, but not via IOCTLs like it should be, instead it uses simple character commands. i know its dirty, but its useful if you want to do some test on the shell… so i kept the dirty interface…

the last days (Feb 2004) i merged the kernelmodule into the 2.6.3 kernel and made some fixes to the BetaPump control software.
my player now also can work with my wlan network and sync the files over the air

UPDATE: i made the src somewhat usable and uploaded it here

BetaPump – the player
but dont use the ./configure since i didnt set it up properly ;)
a simple ‘make’ should do the job (i hope)

BetaListen – the PC client
it communicates with the player over UDP sockets.
D/d EN/DISable display updates
P/p EN/DISable player stats (buffers)
0-9 the input keys.. try around which does what.. depends on your settings

LinPump v2.4 – the kernel module
its the old v2.4 kernel module… not guaranteed that it works…
its just the old src i found.. maybe u need it.

LinPump v2.6 – the kernel module
this is the actual PUMPkernel for linux v2.6. it works okay for me :)
just copy the src files to /drivers/char and patch the Kconfig and Makefile
by adding the lines u will find in the .add files.. add it to the end before ‘endmenu’
or at the beginning. it doesnt matter where u add it to ;)

BemusedServer – BlueTooth interface
this one is rather new :) you can use a symbian phone with bluetooth to control
the player now! i rewrote bemused-server to connect to localhost:3186 (BetaPump Bemused interface)
and translate the commands sent by the phone :)
i love that part hehe

as i already said, this tool is highly experimental and dirty…
this project was done – as u can see in the releases dir – over some years with
sometimes 1 year paused..
please understand that i learnt kernel/socket programming with that tools.
that means i changed my programming style several times then.. hehe..

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