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[GSM] Code updates

On the videos you’ve maybe seen that my tool shows the bursts in some plot window. I used GDI for drawing the lines… damn this is soooo slooow… Today i decided to switch to DirectX drawing for speedup. Ater some hours of playing around, I found out how to draw a plot easily. (using DrawUserPrimitives […]

[usb_rx] latest news

okay, i didnt post very often in the last time – sorry for that ;) but here some new screenshots showing my java-tool decoding the police radio frequency. On the right side you see the connected processing modules like a squelch filter based on FFT, some AM/FM demodulator, a FIR filter to remove unwanted noise […]

[usb_rx] Screenshot

hi, here some screenshot of the device in action:

[usb_rx] Current Project

well, i didnt post much lately. this is because im working on a little project for a Cypress CY7C68013A. thats a USB2.0 chip with a 8051 microcontroller for setup and firmware. really an interesting project :) won’t tell you exactly what its for, but its used to stream RF radio data with speeds up to […]