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[ESP8266] CAN library for Arduino

Recently I needed a CAN <-> WiFi router at work. As I didn’t want to use a several thousand euro hardware that sucks a few amps at 12V, I decided to implement that using the ESP8266 and a CAN transceiver. Well, it works quite stable, just a few things here and there. E.g. I cannot […]

[GSM] Kraken

currently i am porting Kraken, the fantastic A5/1 cipher cracker to win32/x64. it seems that i am done with most of the steps. it starts, cracks the keys, supports ATI cards as the linux version does and is even able to run as a multi-client server application. i also added support for older cards like […]

[CEntrilo] no support for ventrilo v3.0 for now

hi again. just want to let you know that i will not support ventrilo v3.0. the reason is, the ventrilo guys are authenticating the server against some of their servers. just have a look at port 6100 when you start ventrilo… as stated on: they require you to let the client authenticate the server. […]

[CEntrilo] ventrilo 3.0 issues

well, first i want to thank the guy i wrote about there:   more than half a year later he contacted me and sent twice the money he promised before. obviously he really was busy for long time ;) thanks Mr. S.C. ;) okay now about Ventrilo v3.0.x: i had a look at the […]

[ARMada] Big fat update!

yay… i had some free minutes and wanted to catch up some changes i always wanted to make. and since a friend was hacking around with 32bit ARM opcodes using stupid “.dd E1234567”-opcodes, i knew its time to fix this. :) it took some hmm 10 hours to implement nearly(!) the whole ARM32 instruction set. […]

[usb_rx] Screenshot

hi, here some screenshot of the device in action:

[usb_rx] Current Project

well, i didnt post much lately. this is because im working on a little project for a Cypress CY7C68013A. thats a USB2.0 chip with a 8051 microcontroller for setup and firmware. really an interesting project :) won’t tell you exactly what its for, but its used to stream RF radio data with speeds up to […]